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December 2015

Thick & Easy Wool Yarn
New in stock with a new colour range.

Thick & Easy Wool Yarn

Brand new yarns in stock and this month you will receive
25% introductory offer.

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July / August 2015

Tussah Silk / Merino Wool Tops
For all your crafting, felting and spinning projects, this summer we have choosen some lovely colours from our Tussah Silk / Merino Wool Tops range.

Tussah Silk / Merino Wool Tops

This month we are giving you 20% discount on these delicious!
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March 2015

Interweave Magazines -
Knitscene, Knits, Crochet, Jane Austen, Knit Wear and many more!

Interweave Magazines

Your favourite magazine at a special discount - never tried it  before,
here is your chance with
15% off all Interweave Magazines only in March!
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February 2015

Addi Knitting Needles

Addi Knitting Needles

ADDI offers you premium handcrafted needles, made of steel, aluminium, plastic and bamboo. The better the needle, the greater the fun in knitting!

All products are sourced directly from Germany -
Gustav Selter GmbH & Co 
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January 2015 Calendar 2015 Calendar 2015 2015 Calendar

Limited edition - Beautiful pictures of knitting and crochet, in high gloss pictures in thick paper quality.



November / December 2014

Natural Angora Soft Yarn

Natural Angora Soft Yarn


Natural Angora Soft Yarn

Natural Angora Soft.
100% natural handspun angora yarn.

Made in Germany by a small family farm every step is ethical and the rabbits are treated with consideration.

The bunny on the picture is called "Forever".





August 2014

Cotton / Linen Blend Yarn
knit yourself the Linen Light Ladder Stitch Scarf

with our Cotton / Linen Blend Yarn this month!


choose from a selection of colours: Passion Flower, Carnation Red, Lilac Flower, Freesia, Goldenrod Coneflower, Grape Hyacinth.

Cotton / Linen Blend Yarn


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June / July 2014

Bamboo Knitting Needles
Discount code: BambooNeedles

10% discount on all bamboo needles this month only!
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May 2014

Cotton Plied Wool Yarn
knit yourself the Julia - Lily of the Valley Jumper
with our Cotton Plied Wool Yarn this month!


choose from a selection of colours: Red, Light Green, Blue, Yellow, White and Black
or multi colours in Blue-Pink, Blue-Green and Green-Brown

Cotton Plied Wool Yarn


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March / April 2014

Cotton DK for the first sunshine
15% discount on our Cotton DK range in time for the first spring days.


complimenting our Easter Egg Crochet Pattern we are offering a hank of Cotton DK Yarn for only £6.78 / 100g. You can choose from a range of colours like: Sea Blue, Salmon, Maize Yellow,, Violet-Red, Brilliant White and many more!

Cotton DK Yarn




February 2014

Red is our colour of the month!
15% discount on selected red products accross the store.


Pincushion Protea Red-Orange Feather Silk Yarn, Carnation Red Cotton/Linen Blend Yarn, Red Thick & Easy Wool Yarn, Red-Berry Kolibri Wool Yarn, Bright Red Mulberry Silk/Merino Yarn, Red Mulberry Silk Twist Plied, Red Cotton Plied Wool Yarn, Scarlet Red Crochet Cotton Thread, Dark Red Tundra Wool Yarn, Tomato Red Pure Cotton DK, Red Merino Wool Yarn/Roving, Flame Coquette Vintage Cotton and Scarlet Red Merino Wool tops.

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January 2014

Alpaca Fino Yarn

Alpaca Fino Yarn

Alpaca Fino Yarn

Watch out for a gorgous pattern coming soon in the Knitting Magazine
AND a brand new pattern by Julieta Brandao featuring the Alpaca Fino Yarn in Blue and Grey.

15% off all colours available until end of January 2014!
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Tank Top for boys in Alpaca Fino Yarn by Julieta Brandao



December 2013

December treat - 25% off everything!
our Christmas treat to you: purchase any product and add the 25% off voucher to your shopping cart now!


Voucher Code: December13


This offer is valid for all products, including special offers, already reduced products and downloadable patterns.




November 2013

Jewellery Felting Kit
design your very own felted jewellery with this complete kit.

The kit included felting instructions as well as Merino Wool Tops and beads.

Jewellery Felting Kit


using Merino Wool Tops, water and soap you will learn how to make felted beads and than put them together and design your very own felted necklace.

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October 2013

Fair Isle Wrist Warmer by Julieta Brandao

Fair Isle Wrist Warmer


This design is using the popular Simply Wool Yarn in the colours: Ocean-Blue and Orange.
Julieta designed this pattern in 2007 and is til today still using it for beginners Fair Isle classes and workshops.

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September 2013

Simply Striped Waistcoat and Beanie Hat

Simply Striped Waistcoat and Benie Hat Pattern




A pattern designed by Julieta Brandao to fit children aged 12 months - 4 years.
This pattern is using's popular Simply Wool Yarn in the colours: Dark Turquoise, Yellow and Robin-Egg-Blue.

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August 2013

New edition of the book: A Stitch In Time Vol 1

A Stitch In time Vol 1


If you’re an admirer of vintage clothes and patterns, you’ll absolutely adore Susan Crawford’s fantastic book A Stitch in Time. It’s just been republished with updated yarns and even more detailed instructions about how to create your own vintage knits.


In the five years since A Stitch in Time Volume I was published, vintage knitwear fans have taken this book to their bosoms. It’s become a bible for needlecrafters keen to reproduce the fashions, colours and fit of the clothes of the early 20th century. In fact, the first three print runs quickly sold out. Now, however, A Stitch in Time Volume I is back and is available as an ebook with updated patterns designed for the very latest yarns.

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July 2013

This Attractive Affair from A Stitch In Time 2

This Attractive Affair

This Attractive Affair is the most popular pattern from A Stitch In Time 2 using Coquette Vintage Cotton. It is knitted using the colours Oyster and Wine. Susan Crawford's A Stitch In Time books have been extremly popular and are a piece of history for you to keep.
This Attractive Affair was also featured in many knitting magazines, the most recent is The Knitter issue 60.



June 2013

Tropicana Vest Pattern by Susan Crawford

Tropicana Vest Pattern

Tropicana is a pattern that was originally designs for the Mulberry Silk Twist Yarn, a gorgeous 100% mulberry silk yarn. Since the launch of Coquette Susan has revived this pattern to be used for Coquette Vintage Cotton.



May 2013

Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn by Susan Crawford

Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn

Vintage inspired shades and a perfect center pull out skein, that is what makes a perfect vintage ball of yarn. Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn is a collaberation between Susan Crawford and knitshop yarns availalbe from and Susan Crawford Vintage.




April 2013

Merino Wool Tops 25 Micron


Merino Wool Tops and wool for felting continue to be very popular with customers, so we're very pleased to say that we're now stocking a raft of great new colours for you to choose from. We've got nine stunning new shades for you ranging from the verdant Asparagus Green to the rich and luxurious Dark Chocolate Brown and the bright Cobalt Yellow.

The new colours are: Cobalt Yellow, Pumpkin Orange, Green-Yellow, Asparagus Green, Dark Grass Green, Sapia Brown, Dark Chocolate Brown, Light Wisteria and Plum Purple.

Merino Wool Tops, 25 micron

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March 2013

Crochet Easter Egg Pattern by Julieta Brandao


Fancy something a bit different this Easter? Something crafty and crocheted? has a great new Easter egg pattern for you to try

Decorated eggs are a tradition in many countries. The most famous are Russia’s Faberge eggs. Although decorated eggs are often displayed at Easter, they aren’t only associated with Christianity and the end of Lent (in Mediaeval times eggs were off the menu during Lent). Since they symbolise fertility and rebirth, eggs are often given to newly-married couples or passed between families to share good fortune at new year. As a result, you’ll see lots of different styles of egg decoration when traveling the world.

There are nine shades in the Cotton DK Yarn range currently available, all of which are bright and cheerful. The yarns come in 100g skeins and are 80m long. This means you’ll have enough to make several eggs – or use the remainder for making lightweight springtime knits.

Crochet Easter Egg in Cotton DK YarnCrochet Easter Egg in Cotton DK Yarn





 January / February 2013's Feather Silk Yarn

available in 7 exotic flower colours:

Thistle Flower Navy Blue, Pincushion Protea Red-Orange, Strelizia Flower White-Brown, Purple Pixie, Black Batflower, Bismarckia Nobilis Palm Silver. Feather Silk Yarn is perfect for such uses. The combination of real feathers and silk means it’s much easier to work with than individual feathers. The great news is that this acclaimed luxury yarn is now back in stock at – but only for a limited time.

Feather Silk Yarn is in strong demand – and we can only get our hands on so much.

This unique yarn can be used for all sorts of creative projects, from fascinators and other elaborate headwear or to add fancy edging to evening gloves. If you like to make and felt bags, a feather flourish can really jazz it up and give it impact. Choose a contrasting shade for maximum impact!



Pincushion Protea Red-Orange

Strelitzia Flower White-Brown

Black Batflower