Payment and Security

Payment We at take our customers' comfort as a priority. Ease of purchase and options for payment are paramount for us. Therefore we are extending the payment options to include all major credit and debit cards, as well as bank transfers and merchant payment systems like PayPal (tm)


What happens if a customer cancels or returns an order? We will provide several options: Naturally we would love for our customer to experience the high quality of our yarns and wools, so we will offer an exchange. However if the goods are not needed anylonger, we are commited to refund the value of the purchased/returned products via the payment method the customer has chosen.


For those customers who choose to pay via PayPal using their credit card, refunds will be returned to your PayPal account and not the credit card. This unfortunately does not depend on us, but is a rule which PayPal has set.


Customers who have selected the PayByPhone option will need to either call us with a valid credit card or we will place a call to you to clear the due payment on your order. We will only ship the order once the payment has been received. Refunds on credit/debit cards will be made on the same card used to pay for the purchase.



With the inherent dubiousness of the Internet, is commited to do our best to secure the information we receive from our clients. Naturally for the internet shoppers it comes as a jolt when credit card details will need to be shared. So here is what we do to protect your data:

  • We own the servers where our site resides on
  • The servers are in a secure, purpose built data-centre in the UK, managed by a leading hosting company - in there we rub sholders with insurance companies and the likes!
  • Your Credit Card details are encrypted in the database using encryption technology with Bank level strength
  • Just like the code of Credit Card Merchants is requiring us, we do not keep your card details after the payment is completed.
  • To prevent eves dropping along the way between your computer and our servers, we have implemented Secure Socket Layers data encryption for those times when you are giving us your private details, i.e. when you are accessing your account on the site and when you are checking your order out. Just look for the golden padlock on your browser. Or click the GeoTrust seal to verify our site.
    KNITSHOP.CO.UK Geo Trust Seal
  • And finally should there be an issue with our security, our customer service team will act on your query immediately to investigate any reports - contact us if you need help!


Further information is available in our Privacy Policy

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